Statistic: In this year there were 49% number of divorces for the number of marriages.
Date published:2003
Reference:[1][2], Census Bureau, NCHS
Statistical method:census, calculation
Degree of error:unknown -1 to -10%

In 2003 the divorce rate was 0.38% of residents.

In 2003 the marriage rate was 0.75% of residents.

The estimate of the chance a marriage will end in divorce is difficult to determine because you need to take into account when the marriage occurred, and when the people died. Since people getting married today have yet to die, the probability that their marriage will end in divorce is difficult to estimate. Some estimates using surveys of various age groups estimate this between 31% to 50%.

In a 2001 survey, 41% of men between the ages of 50 to 59, and 39% for women in the same age group had been divorced.