US StatesEdit

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US States

The United States of America has 50 states & 1 capital district. There are 29 states or 58% of the states that boarder the Atlantic, Arctic, or Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico or any of the Great Lakes. There are 21 states or 42% of states that are landlocked. 4 states boarder the country of Mexico while 11 states that boarder the county of Canada theses 15 states make up 30% of the states. There are 4 divisions of the US States, and there are 9  sub-divisions of theses divisons. The 4 divisions are the Northeast, the Mid-West, the South & the West. The Northeast can be divided into 2 sub-divisions New England & the Mid-Atlantic. The South cant be divided. The Mid-West can be divided into the Great Plains & the Great Lakes region. The West can be divided into the Mountain West, the Southwest, the Pacific North-west & Alaska & Hawaii. 

The first list will be the states & District in alphabetical order.

Alphabetical Order
State Capital Largest City
Alabama Montgomery Birmingham
Alaska Juneau Anchorage
Arizona Phoenix
Arkansas Little Rock
California Sacramento Los Angeles
Colorado Denver
Connecticut Hartford New Haven
Delaware Dover
DC Washington
Florida  Tallahassee Jacksoville
Georgia Atlanta
Hawaii Honolulu
Idaho Bosie
Illinois Springfield Chicago
Indiana Indianpolis
Iowa Des Moines
Kansas Topeka
Kentucky Frankfurt Louisville
Louisiana Baton Rouge New Orleans
Maine Augusta Portland
Maryland Annapolis Baltimore
Massachusetts Boston
Michigan Lansing Detroit
Minnesotta St. Paul Minneapolis
Mississippi Jackson
Missouri Jefferson City Kansas City
Montana Helena Billings
Nebraska Lincoln Omaha
Nevada Carson City Las Vegas
New Hampshire Concord Manchester
New Jersey Trenton Newerk
New Mexico Santa Fe Alburquerque
New York Albany New York City
North Carolina Raleigh Charlotte
North Dakota Bismarck
Ohio Columbus
Oklahoma Oklahoma City
Oregon Salem Portland
Pennsylvania Harrsiburgh Philadelphia
Rhode Island Providence
South Carolina Columbia
South Dakota Pierre
Tennessee Nashville Memphis
Texas Austin Dallas
Utah Salt Lake City
Vermont Montpelier Burlington
Virginia Richmond
Washington Olympia Seattle
West Virginia Charleston
Wisconsin Madison
Wyoming Cheyennee

Now listed by order of Administration.Edit

State Date of Administration
#1 Delaware 12-7-1787
#2 Pennsylvania 12-12-1787
#3 New Jersey 12-18-1787
#4 Georgia 1-2-1788
#5 Connecticut 1-9-1788
#6 Massachusetts 2-6-1788
#7 Maryland 4-28-1788
#8 South Carolina 5-23-1788
#9 New Hampshire 6-21-1788
#10 Virginia 6-25-1788
#11 New York 7-26-1788
#12 North Carolina 11-21-1789
#13 Rhode Island 5-23-1790
#14 Vermont
#15 Kentucky
#16 Tennessee
#17 Ohio
#18 Louisiana
#19 Indiana
#20 Mississippi
#21 Illinois
#22 Alabama
#23 Maine
#24 Missouri
#25 Arkansas
#26 Michigan
#27 Florida
#28 Texas
#29 Iowa
#30 Wisconsin
#31 California
#32 Minnesota
#33 Oregon
#34 Kansas
#35 West Virginia
#36 Nevada
#37 Nebraska
#38 Colorado
#39 North Dakota
#40 South Dakota
#41 Montana
#42 Washington
#43 Idaho
#44 Wyoming
#45 Utah
#46 Oklahoma
#47 New Mexico
#48 Arizona
#49 Alaska
#50 Hawaii

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